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Even if the project of the dialogue of the Trianon is a good thing that could give a new breath to the Franco-Russian relations, it needs to be concretized to evaluate things in a good way, say to the microphone of Sputnik specialists Many foreign experts met in Moscow this week to discuss different issues on economics, cooperation and science, as part of the Gaidar Forum. Special attention was given to the dialogue of the Trianon, an initiative launched by Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin after their meeting in Versailles last May. This first session, devoted to the construction of […]

Russia15: 54 19.01.2018 (updated 19:47 19.01.2018) Short URLPictures and video showing the Russian President diving into an icy lake have appeared on the Web today. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained why the clichés were leaked. The Russian President's spokesman explained why the Kremlin decided to make public the photos and the video showing Vladimir Putin's bathing in the country. occasion of the feast of Theophany. "Indeed, there were many faithful and the President attended a portion of the liturgy in the cathedral, so everything was in public. That's why we decided to show them [les photos, ndlr]"he said. In the […]

Is the information victim of a new "Cold War"? To answer this burning question, Rachel Marsden received Sébastien Cochard, former French diplomat and current adviser to the European Parliament. While Emmanuel Macron wants to promulgate quickly a law on fake news – a text that according to the French media would particularly target RT and Sputnik – and that the European Union and the US Senate are currently debating these supposed false news, how to explain this new semantic war around these rumors? Did the dissemination of false information really begin during the 2016 presidential election? Find the whole show […]

To make their fellow citizens smile and forget about the horrors of war, a group of Syrian volunteers set out to create works of art right on the streets. "To develop, society needs beauty," the group's coordinator told Sputnik. A group of Syrian volunteers "The Pulse of Life", initiated a project to create works of art in streets not only to embellish the appearance of the city, but also to try to drive the images of the war off the heads of their fellow citizens. "To grow, society needs beauty. We therefore realize our works for education, development and, finally, […]

Unusual11: 24 19.01.2018 (updated 12:08 19.01.2018) Short URLWhen his colleague presented a report on Brexit, a British MP turned a blind eye and lay down on his seat in the House Although the monotony may not be lethal, it is certainly hypnotic: the British Conservative Party member Desmond Swayne could not avoid falling asleep during the parliamentary debates which were broadcast live. The video showing the deputy plunged into sleep was broadcast by Sky News. On the recording, we see Mr Swayne close his eyes and lie down in his seat while Conservative Ken Clarke presents a report on the […]

International20: 18 17.01.2018 (updated 20:20 17.01.2018) Short URL Four foreign citizens on Tuesday were ambushed in northern Nigeria. Several police officers accompanying them were killed in the attack. Four foreigners – two US citizens and two Canadians – were abducted by strangers in northern Nigeria, writes the local newspaper Vanguard, referring to police sources. The first reports were of two foreigners kidnapped: an American and a Canadian. As the source said, foreign nationals were ambushed on Tuesday night in Kaduna State as they returned to the capital, Abuja, accompanied by police. Several law enforcement officials were killed during the attack, […]

The first stage of the Scientific Olympiad by Disciplines started in Syrian schools on October 29 and lasted five days. 54,427 students from all provinces of the country participated, which is 5,262 more students than the previous year, Syrian Education officials told Sputnik. Following the finals of the 2017-2018 Syrian Science Olympiad held last weekend, we learned the names of the 50 winners who will represent Syria at the International Science Olympiad next summer, Sputnik Imad al Azb, chairman of the Committee for Eminent and Talented Students, announced.                         ©                     Sputnik. Mohammad Najm Syrian schoolchildren "The idea of ​​organizing a Physics […]

Defense19: 54 17.01.2018 (updated 20:04 17.01.2018) Short URLElectronics is out of date, the software is bogged down, the build is overloaded and the building is permanently tilted. right: the German Navy's brand new ship Baden-Württemberg failed miserably and had to return to the shipyard to solve the many problems it faced. Western media observers have already described the project as a F125 frigate, which cost 3 billion euros, the "biggest fiasco of the German military industry". For the first time in the country's history, the military commission refused an already built ship. According to the German experts, the development of […]

                                                     Unfortunately, your browser is not supported by our video solution. Please use the latest versions of Internet Explorer / Edge, Safari, Firefox or Chrome.                                      Much to the presidential visit: On Friday morning a Boeing C-17 transport plane brought another presidential helicopter to the military airfield in Dübendorf ZH. The day before, a Sikorsky VH-60N White Hawk arrived. The helicopters will be used to transport Donald Trump and his followers from Zurich Airport to Davos. "Marine One" is the paging name of the […]